Paragliding & Bungee jump in Pokhara

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  • difficulty Easy

trip overview

From lakeside in Pokhara, a less than 30 minutes’ drive takes you to the top of Sarangkot Hill. The purpose for coming to this hilltop is for diving off its cliff with a parachute. You will float above the hill for a while during the flight before your final descent to the Phewa Lake just below the hill. All in all, you will experience 45 minutes of thrill in one of the best paragliding locations in the work.

The next day, we will drive to Hemja where there is a 262 feet tall bungee platform. Jump off the steel tower on top of the cliff towards the pond on the bottom.

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As one of the core guiding principles for Mountain Kick, we always give back to the mountain community in any way we can as a means of gratitude. The people who live in the Himalayas and share their homes with us deserve to have all their little problems fixed which seem very basic for outsiders but are commonplace in rural Nepal. The people lack proper access to healthcare, sanitation and education but a little effort from travellers goes on a long way to solve these issues. Mountain Kick has made it its corporate social responsibility to help improve the living standards of the local community. We make donations to their cause, organize social campaigns and programs and also have a few trips designed to mix a little volunteer work in your holiday.


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