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Tourism that is sustainable and responsible is at the heart of Mountain Kick. Apart from providing our customers a perfect holiday, we also make sure the travel has a favorable influence to the local society and environment.

The Himalayas have remained pristine till today and that is why it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year from all over the world. But the growing number of tourists threatens the pristine nature of the Himalayas so we have to be attentive to our actions and be scrupulous to our impacts. The places we will be travelling to are home to ethnic communities dwelling there for centuries. And they are also a sanctuary to the wildlife and ecosystem.

Therefore Mountain Kick has adopted responsible travel practices so that we continue to enjoy and experience nature and culture for generations to come. Our commitments are:

Respect indigenous culture
We inform our travellers on the culture and tradition of communities we will visit and ask them to refrain behaving in ways considered taboo or inappropriate and from imposing their own values on the local people. We favor local businesses, like guesthouses and restaurants, which are operated by the local community and which promote cultural heritage.

Support local economy
We try our best to channel tourist revenues to local businesses. We hire local guides, porters and support staff as far as possible. We purchase and make our travellers purchase local goods from small businesses.

Protect the environment
We do deals with environmentally-conscious businesses and we ourselves do activities that are least harmful to the environment we are in. We limit our impact on the ecosystem by avoiding pollution and physical impacts plants or animals while we travel. We try to be as efficient as possible while using local natural resources.

Looking after the team
We do not treat our guides, porters, Sherpas and other support staff as hired help but as an integral part of Mountain Kick. We provide them fair pay, proper equipment, insurance coverage and humane treatment.

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