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We are Mountain Kick, a Kathmandu-based trip operator specialising in adventure sports, trekking and sightseeing trips throughout Nepal. We believe the true Himalayan adventure has to have two crucial elements – endurance and experience. Endurance is about you and your ability to show tenacity in the face of difficult physical challenges. Experience is about the landscape and the people, the Himalayan backdrop which offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Mountain Kick is about getting your kicks – the kick you get from the achievement and the kick you get from sheer beauty and eye-watering vistas. We know our way around – the mountains are our lives and we have spent years exploring them. We differ from the other adventure offerings in one important respect. Yes we offer packages, but we can also tailor journeys to the traveler(s) needs. You design the trip, we make it happen.

Walk along trails carved into the mountains which have been there for a thousand years or more. Hike, trek, climb and conquer. Like that natural spring? Or perhaps you want to get closer to a waterfall? Would you like to spend time with Buddhist monks? This is about doing it your way. The majestic Himalayas provide enough motivation – we’re just there to put the journey you want into action.

At Mountain Kick we understand that travelers have different priorities. Would you like to tick that mountain off your bucket list or go white water rafting in free-flowing rivers? If it’s in the mountains we can get you there and make sure you do it the right way and the safe way. We’re not bystanders, but with you all the way, experienced overseers but still part of the adventure, helping where we can. We get a kick out of it just like you.

We are always looking for innovative ways to bring you the ultimate Himalayan expedition. In the future, Mountain Kick will be organising trips to Tibet, Bhutan and India to explore adventure possibilities beyond Nepal.

Trust us, it’s all doable. Its the Himalayas. You will be so high and so far from your home it will feel like a vacation in another world. And everything’s possible in another world!

Think about getting your kicks in Nepal. Should you have any questions regarding itineraries or a booked journey, do not fail to contact us. We’re here to listen and make it happen.

When you explore the world, a few questions do pop up.

That's why we're here.

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