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Mountain Kick is a Kathmandu-based trip operator and we organise adventure sports, trekking and sightseeing trips all over Nepal. We believe that a true Himalayan adventure is a blend of endurance in general and a healthy dose of thrill in particular. We attempt at making your holiday just that.

We are a team of travelling enthusiasts ourselves and after years of exploring the Himalayas we like to believe that we know our way around the mountains and can share the “kick” that enthralled us with you. Although Mountain Kick is just a startup , all of us have done this for long enough to see what the Himalayas had to offer beyond commercial holiday packages to carve a niche for ourselves. The Himalayas never fail to inspire.

Walk along trails carved into the mountains which have been there for a thousand years if not more. Hike, trek, climb and conquer. Oh you like that natural spring or perhaps you like that water fall, go ahead. The majestic Himalayas in the backdrop work as perfect motivation to keep you going while we are only much eager to oblige.
A seasoned traveller, eh? Would you like to tick that mountain off your bucket list or go white water rafting in freefalling rivers? We have done it before and we will make sure you do it right. We don’t just show you the way, we like to be a part of your adventure. We get a kick out of the experience, remember?

Mountain Kick is a new name in adventure sports, yes. But all of us have been doing this for long enough to see what the Himalayas had to offer beyond commercial holiday packages. We were brothers without banners making our own personal expeditions. Now we have carved a niche for ourselves and we have a name. The Himalayas never fail to inspire.

Adventure alone is a good reason to travel across Nepal but you also get to immerse into the unsullied local culture like nowhere else. The mountain people have been nestling harmoniously among pristine nature for centuries and you will be sharing your stories with them after a good day’s trip. But beware; the people are so accommodating that they will make you feel one of their own and you might never want to leave.


Convinced? We might seem overstating a thing or two. But believe me, We are being modest at best. Its the Himalayas for god’s sake. You will be so high and so far from your home it will feel like a vacation to another world.
So Nepal it is then. Please feel free to get back to us with all the questions you have in your mind regarding your journey to this majestic country. We are here to listen.

When you explore the world, a few questions do pop up.

That's why we're here.

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