5 best Adventure sports in Nepal

Are you ready to challenge your limits with the blood pumping, heart racing, breath taking, blood-pounding adventure? Then why don’t you come to the adventurer’s playground, Nepal? The great peaks of the Himalayas, the rushing rivers, unique terrain and exotic wildlife make Nepal the paradise for adventure lovers. The Himalayan country is a mystical place filled with rugged snow peaked mountains, pristine nature, rich biodiversity, awe-inspiring landscapes and culture as diverse as the varying topography of the country.

Tell your tales to your friends on how you eclipsed the fear within you by trying out these adventure sports.

Bungee Jumping

The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps the best site in the world. The thrill of jumping off 160 meters high tropical gorge with one of the wildest rivers, BhoteKoshi, roaring below cannot be described in words. You can also combine bungee jump with the world’s highest canyon swing offering a full on, adrenaline filled, and gravity-defying adventure.

Mountain Biking

Though Nepal’s attractions for trekkers and serious climbers remain undiminished, Nepal is now becoming an enticing destination for Mountain Biking. Tough climbs, exhilarating down-hills, fast, flowy single-track while enjoying the most spectacular views of the gigantic mountains will surely leave you full of ecstasy from the trail you have just ridden.

Zip Flyer

Ready to experience the world’s most extreme Zip Flyer? The Zip flyer in  Sarangkot, Pokhara is extreme in every way with  a vertical drop of 600 meters over a distance of 1800 meters, it is the longest, steepest, tallest and fastest Zipline in the world.

Heli Skiing

Heli skiing in the World’s biggest, highest & most outrageous Mountain-range of the World is simply a fantastic adventure. The amazing height and spread of the snow clad mountains of the Nepalese Himalayas, with the added advantage of powdered snow are tempting enough to fascinate the adventurous spirits of the avid skier.

Everest Sky Diving

You’ve got to feel this rollercoaster experience if you are an avid adventure lover. Everest Sky Diving is one of the most extreme adventures one can experience in Nepal. It allows adventurers to jump from a plane at 29,500 feet, higher than the Everest summit, and float back to Everest base camp. The adrenaline rush from the free-fall, the eye-feasting view of the beautiful lakes and settlements and the world tallest Mountain Mt. Everest on the Background, all makes it an adventure for a lifetime.

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